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Inclusion LAUNCH is a series of highly interactive diversity, equity, and inclusion e-learning modules solely focused on the workplace.

With videos, quizzes, scenarios, and clickable exercises, Inclusion LAUNCH can be taken on our website or loaded on to your company's LMS. 
Are you ready to build a more inclusive workplace? We'll teach you how in Inclusion LAUNCH. 
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Meet Michelle

Welcome to LAUNCH! I'm Michelle Silverthorn, a diversity, equity, and inclusion keynote speaker, author, and leader. I'm a graduate of Princeton University and the University of Michigan Law School. I believe in inspiring people to change behaviors using actionable, practical steps that everyone can put into place starting today. As the Founder & CEO of Inclusion Nation, I have spoken at countless organizations delivering the message of authenticity and belonging to tens of thousands across the globe. With Inclusion LAUNCH, I use my training experience, and my instructional design expertise, to bring my implementable change processes to you and your organization. Ready to join me? Let's go.