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Inclusion LAUNCH Microaggressions @ Work

The Death By a Thousand Cuts. That's what microaggressions feel like. But what can you do when you experience them? And what happens after you commit them? Whether you're worried about your career or being cancelled (or both), this Inclusion LAUNCH course is for you. 
  • 1. How Microaggressions Hurt At Work

    (the death by a thousand cuts)
  • 2. Five Steps for Addressing Microaggressions

    (what to do and how to thrive)
  • 3. Five Steps for Communicating Across Difference

    (how to say the right thing)
  • 4. Three Difficult Conversations to Have Today

    (principles put into practice)
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    What's LAUNCH Microaggressions All About?

    I know you want to run an inclusive team. I know you want to be part of an inclusive culture. So let's talk microaggressions - the hurtful conversations and interactions that need to end if we want to reach real inclusion.

    We start by understanding what microaggressions are and how they reveal themselves in our organizations. Then we learn a framework for how to address microaggressions using real-life situations. Next, we'll see what undermines effective communication at work and how to solve it. Finally, you'll work through three workplace scenarios and design real solutions for effectively communicating at work.

    Let's build a workplace where belonging matters and microaggressions are stopped for good.
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    Take a sneak peak at one of our lessons

    What we cover in
    LAUNCH Microaggressions @ Work

    What Are Microaggressions?

    Learn the different forms of microaggressions and what they look like at work.

    How Microaggressions Affect Equity and Belonging

    Microaggressions don't just hurt someone's feelings; they hurt their career and their ability to belong.

    How to Recover from Microaggressions

    Someone hurt you. Let's practice all the ways you can respond. 

    Why Hard Conversations Are Hard

    Now we flip the script. We want to have better conversations at work, but here's why that can be difficult.

    Five Steps to Better Conversations

    We always say, "Talk it over," but we don't train people in how to. Let's learn five steps to stop saying the wrong thing.

    Real-Life Hard Conversations at Work

    Meet Roxanna, Ho-Yun, and Cameron. You need to apologize for saying the wrong thing to them; let's practice how.

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