Bring your whole team on to experience LAUNCH.

We designed Inclusion LAUNCH for everyone - that includes everyone on your team, from those who started this morning, to those who have been here for just a bit longer. The journey of inclusion requires all of us. That's where LAUNCH comes in.

Do you want to:

  • Deliver real, actionable diversity training to your colleagues that they can apply to their work starting now?

  • Learn skills that will build strong employee relationships that positively impact your bottom line?

  • Understand how to reach more customers and clients because they feel seen and heard through their interactions with your company’s culture?

  • Help co-workers engage in conversations about race, bias, equity, and inclusion without fear of saying the wrong thing?

  • Plant seeds of change that will have a lasting legacy?
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With the right diversity, equity, inclusion online training, it’s 100% possible.

Each of our LAUNCH courses can be taken separately or as part of a learning sequence.

We know what it feels like.

  • Worrying that having uncomfortable dialogue will make people leave.

  • Losing diverse talent year in and year out because they feel unsupported.

  • Wanting to give up because initiative after initiative fails or doesn’t have instant results.

  • Searching for the budget to implement meaningful programs.

  • Wondering if the latest DEI training will fracture and divide teams because it’s not truly inclusive.

At Inclusion Nation, we believe in LAUNCH because we've seen these lessons work for tens of thousands around the globe. You will:

  • Hear people speak with gratitude and excitement because of the powerful inclusive messaging and lessons learned.

  • Experience the joy when it finally clicks that people truly can thrive in an environment that values all human differences.

  • Help your organization get clear on their values and build a culture that yields results.

  • Explain that DEI brings everyone to the table and supports their unique skills and talents.

We want all of that for you.

Are you ...

  • A leader who prioritizes diversity and inclusion and who wants the same for their company?

  • Looking for more than a one-and-done diversity training?

  • Ready to implement a structure that supports new learning and growth which will ensure retention of talent?

  • Interested in bringing your team closer together and creating new ways of working together?

  • Focused on developing processes and people instead of just ensuring compliance to avoid costly mistakes?

This is Inclusion LAUNCH - diversity e-learning for everyone.

A world that demands change needs more than another dry DEI training. That’s why LAUNCH isn't training-oriented. It's people-oriented. LAUNCH is focused on putting people first. Your real challenges. Your real solutions. 

We are a minority- and women-owned diversity consulting company. We aren't here to check a box. We won’t sell you buzzy words or cookie cutter initiatives. We will help you achieve demonstrated, measurable, reportable success that keeps your marginalized employees at the center of the work.

Meet your guide, Michelle Silverthorn

As the Founder & CEO of Inclusion Nation, Michelle has worked with Fortune 500 companies, tech start-ups, non-profit organizations, universities, and numerous companies across every industry.

A graduate of Princeton University and the University of Michigan Law School, Michelle practiced for two large law firms in New York and Chicago. She then transitioned into the education field where she trained thousands in-person and online.

Michelle has been featured on NPR, PBS, and in several publications including the Chicago Tribune and Fortune Magazine. She is a TEDx speaker and the author of the best-selling book, Authentic Diversity, How to Change the Workplace For Good.




Frequently asked questions

Can LAUNCH be loaded onto my organization's LMS?

Yes. LAUNCH works with cmi5-, xAPI-, SCORM-, and AICC-compliant LMSs. It can easily be uploaded onto your organization's LMS with a per/seat, per/year licensing fee.

Can I enroll my group through your website and have you handle administration?

Absolutely. If you'd rather have Inclusion Nation handle the logistics of enrolling your attendees and ensuring they complete one, two, three, or all four courses, we can handle that all on our end.

Do the LAUNCH courses need to be completed in order?

Not at all. Many organizations have already had various pieces of diversity training. We built LAUNCH so you can pick which courses you'd like to take, and if you want to purchase the entire sequence, you can do that as well.

Can the LAUNCH courses be customized for my organization?

The great news about LAUNCH is that the courses and their takeaways can be used by anyone. If you're looking for an experience more customized for your organization, please reach out to Inclusion Nation to set up a live training for you.

Can law firms and legal departments enroll in LAUNCH?

Yes. Check out LAUNCH for Lawyers, designed for lawyers, by lawyers. In addition, our regular LAUNCH courses are designed for anyone to take, including law firm business professionals. The information, activities, and takeaways are similar in both LAUNCH and LAUNCH for Lawyers so the entire firm can be on the same learning path.

Ready to bring LAUNCH to your team or organization? Contact us to learn about our group pricing.