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Inclusion LAUNCH: Sponsorship  @ Work

Sponsors, far more than mentors, play crucial roles in providing high profile work, access to promotions, and a seat at the decision table. But what tasks should sponsors complete? How can they help top performers stay and succeed? How can junior colleagues ensure continued interest and investment in their careers? Those questions matter for real career success. Let's answer them all in this mini-course. 
  • 1. What are Sponsors?

    (and why do we need them?)
  • 2. Role Model, Mentor, or Sponsor?

    (which one are you looking to find, or to be?)
  • 3. Five Rules for Succeeding as a Protégé

    (start with these ground rules)
  • 4. Five Rules for Succeeding as a Sponsor

    (build a relationship that lasts)
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    What's LAUNCH Sponsorship @ Work All About?

    It’s an open secret how employees succeed in the workplace. Sponsors. Sponsors, far more than mentors, play crucial roles in getting their protégés high profile work, promotions, and a seat at the decision table. And yet while many people have mentors, they often lack sponsors. They lack people who can provide them with access to exclusive networks, broadcast their achievements to senior executives, and ensure that they have the stretch assignments they need to succeed.
    But what is a sponsor? What tasks must sponsors complete? How can protégés best communicate with their sponsors? And how can you tell when a sponsoring relationship is complete? 

    In this 30-minute e-learning module, we will cover the ground rules for sponsorship success. Because this is the end game, where we use sponsorship as a tool to advocate, champion, and support employees to ensure they reach positions of power. That is the victory that awaits a sponsor, a protégé, and the organization to which they both belong.
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    Take a sneak peak at one of my lessons

    What we cover in LAUNCH
    Sponsorship @ Work

    Role Model, Mentor, or Sponsor?

    Three different career influencers, three very different roles - learn about them all.

    Who Are You Inviting to Your Awards Banquet?

    Let's look at five influencers you've had in your career - what role did each of them have?

    Five Rules for Protégés

    You want to succeed as a protégé, here's my advice on the five actions you need to take starting now.

     Your Protégé Roadmap

    Let's set out what goals you want to achieve as a protégé. 

    Five Rules for Sponsors

    You want to be more than a mentor? Here are my rules for succeeding as a sponsor. 

    Your Sponsor Wishlist

    What would you like to achieve as a sponsor? As a protégé, what would you like sponsors to do for you?

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