How can lawyers build an inclusive legal profession? Here's how we start.

Inclusion LAUNCH for Lawyers is a CLE-approved* series centered on the legal industry and teaching lawyers how to make the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion matter for the work that they do. 
* Each course certified for 1.25 hours of CLE credit in California, Illinois, and New York. 
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5 stars! Great and informative program!
Very good use of technology. Speaker was excellent.

Loved the instructor! She was extremely engaging!

What lawyers get with Inclusion LAUNCH:

  • Interactive, dynamic, CLE-approved courses that deliver the right mix of practical training and motivational messaging for real behavioral shift.

  • A clear understanding of why diversity, equity, and inclusion matter for you as a lawyer, for your clients, and for our legal profession.

  • Skills to ensure that you as an attorney are leading inclusively, whether in your legal department, law firm, or bar association.

  • A new way to see the challenges your clients experience and how to interrupt biases that might arise when you meet and work with them.

  • A road map to allyship as an attorney and how that translates into continued inclusion at work.
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Join LAUNCH for Lawyers. Real diversity education for real diversity change.

I'm Michelle Silverthorn, the Founder & CEO of Inclusion Nation. I'm a graduate of the University of Michigan Law School and a member of the New York bar. I started my career in law firms then moved to the Illinois Supreme Court where I trained thousands of lawyers - in-person and online - on diversity, bias, allyship, and belonging.

When you travel across a state as diverse as Illinois, you meet lawyers of all kinds. Solo practitioners, small firms, large firms, government workers, non-profit leaders. I spent years honing my skills to ensure I could speak about diversity and inclusion to all of them. The lessons I learned from those experiences are the ones I share with you here.

Whether you take one course, or you take all four, my hope is that you use the skills you learn in these courses to build a profession centered on inclusion and equity, and leave a legacy of justice for the generations of lawyers who follow.

Ready to get started? Then let's go. Because LAUNCH for Lawyers was made just for you.
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Michelle is one of the most compelling DEI educators I have ever experienced, and her words have had a powerful and enduring impact on my life. She is a gifted storyteller who has a unique way of personalizing her own experiences and those of marginalized people, and it leads to greater empathy and compassion in her audience ... She is truly one of a kind. 
Jeremiah Chan  |  Meta Legal
Michelle came to us highly recommended by a number of other law firms and she did not disappoint. Her presentation was thoughtful, informative, engaging, riveting, timely, and powerful. Feedback from our lawyers and staff was uniformly and enthusiastically positive.
Jim Schwarz | Shartsis Friese LLP

By the end of your Inclusion LAUNCH for Lawyers training, you'll be able to:

  • Explain the fundamental tenets of diversity, equity, and inclusion and why they matter for the legal profession.

  • Recognize and interrupt unconscious bias in your legal workplace for your colleagues and clients.

  • Identify and resolve microaggressions when you witness or experience them as an attorney.

  • Design a framework for resolving conflict conversations centered around identity difference.

  • Utilize your privilege and power as a lawyer for both individual and systemic allyship.

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