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Inclusion LAUNCH for Lawyers:
Bias @ Work

Ready to level up your diversity understanding? Let's talk unconscious bias for lawyers - what it is, how to recognize it, and most importantly, how to interrupt it, for good.
Certified for 1.25 hours of CLE credit in California, Illinois, and New York.
  • 1. How Lawyers Think

    (ready for some surprises?)
  • 2. How Unconscious Bias Works

    (the many ways bias shows up)
  • 3. Ten Rules for Lawyers to Interrupt Unconscious Bias

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  • 4. Three Real-Life Legal Workplace Bias Scenarios 

    (time to practice what you learned)
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    What's LAUNCH for Lawyers: Bias @ Work All About?

    Attorneys make millions of instantaneous decisions every day - decisions that can impact the outcomes of careers and lives. How do we process all the data that constantly surrounds us? How do the instant decisions we make affect how we view a person and interpret their actions? And what can we do once we recognize that our first impressions can lead to lasting impressions that are very difficult to change? This is our challenge with unconscious bias.

    As a shortcut for our thinking, unconscious bias plays a crucial role in how we perceive people who are different, and how those initial conclusions can dramatically affect our belief of another person's competence, performance, and their ability to succeed inside and outside our legal workplaces

    To ensure everyone is allowed onto the same playing field for success, we need to recognize our biases, then learn how to take the next step toward interrupting our biases for good.
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    Take a sneak peak at one of my lessons

    What I cover in
    LAUNCH for Lawyers: Bias @ Work:

    What is Unconscious Bias?

    How does your brain process the millions of bits of data coming at you every second? Let's talk shortcut thinking.

    Schemas, Stereotypes, and Incomplete Stories

    Learn about System 1 and System 2 thinking and why for lawyers stereotypes only give you an incomplete story.

    Eight Studies on Unconscious Bias

    Have you met Thomas Meyer? What about Jennifer and John? Hired a veteran lately? Listen to me talk through studies on bias.

    Six Types of Workplace Bias

    Affinity, attribution, prove-it-again, tightrope, confirmation, and institutional - let's learn what they mean for attorneys.

    Ten Rules to Interrupt Bias for Good

    Bias is individual and systemic. Learn ten bias interrupters that you can use as a lawyer - from being intentional to measuring the "right fit."

    How Would You Solve These Bias Scenarios?

    Let's meet the in-house team at the fictional company, OpenLife. How would you solve your legal colleagues' challenges?

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