Diversity and Inclusion E-Learning

Inclusion LAUNCH for Lawyers: Diversity @ Work

Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. We know the words but what do they mean? And why should they matter for you and the work you do as an attorney? Let's learn your Why for DEI.
Certified for 1.25 hours of CLE credit in California, Illinois, and New York.
  • 1. Diversity RE-Defined

    (what is diversity all about?)
  • 2. Inclusion RE-Imagined

    (respect, belonging, and everything in between)
  • 3. Equity RE-Examined

    (change systems, change the world)
  • 4. What's Your Why for DEI?

    (why does this work matter to you?)
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    What's LAUNCH for Lawyers Diversity @ Work All About?

    "How do we start?" I get that question a lot. Here's how we start - at the beginning. In this LAUNCH for Lawyers course, you and I will work on fundamentals. We will together define diversity (identities), equity (access), and inclusion (belonging), analyze how they relate to you and your legal workplace, and learn how to progress from a diverse workplace to an inclusive one where all legal professionals and their clients can thrive and succeed.

    The centerpiece of this course is your Why DEI statement. Why are you here? Why did you sign up for this course? Why should diversity, equity, and inclusion matter to you as an attorney? Let's get started.
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    Take a sneak peak at one of my lessons

    What I cover in
    LAUNCH for Lawyers Diversity @ Work

    Why Diversity Matters for You

    What diversity at work is all about and why the business case both matters - and falls short.

    Intersectionality and Identities

    Learn terminology - race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and more - and understand how identities overlap and intersect.

     Achieving Real Inclusion at Work

    Time for my five-step framework for inclusion - respect, empathy, support, community, and most importantly, belonging.

    Inequity at Work 

    Let's follow the story of Jasmine and Dave and learn about inequity at work. 

    Equity v. Equality

    We can't achieve inclusion without equity, but what does it mean and how does it differ from equality?

    Your Why for DEI

    Put it  all together and make a better case for diversity, equity, and inclusion - yours.

    My motto is

    #Read | #Watch | #Interact | #Learn | #LAUNCH

    I've had years of DEI facilitation and instructional design experience to build the right kind of inclusive learning environment for you to succeed. Here's what every LAUNCH course includes:
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    Learn about every aspect of diversity, equity, and inclusion - in practical detail.


    Point, click, drag, match, and gamify your way to learning success.


    You want quizzes? I have quizzes. Get tested on what you've learned to make sure you retain the right knowledge.


    Once you complete the course, you'll get your Inclusion LAUNCH Certificate. Broadcast it everywhere.
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    Take your inclusive learning to the
    next level.