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Allyship @ Work

Everyone says they have good intentions. But good intentions are only the start. Good intentions don't change behaviors. Real actions do. How do you as a lawyer move from good intentions to real action? That's the work of allyship. 
Certified for 1.25 hours of CLE credit in California, Illinois, and New York.
  • 1. From Good Intentions to Real Action

    (what privilege + power really mean)
  • 2. Five Rules for Lawyer Allies at Work

    (step-by-step guide to level up your allyship in your legal career)
  • 3. Four Real-Life Allyship Scenarios

    (take on a role as a lawyer who has to navigate allyship at their organization)
  • 4. Systemic Change in the Legal Profession

    (actions, not intentions, change the world)
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    What's LAUNCH for Lawyers Allyship @ Work All About?

    "Am I a good ally?" The person who can answer that isn't you. See, as lawyers skilled in advocacy and the pursuit of justice, many of think we are already good allies. But so much of allyship can be performative. Our real test is whether those with whom we are allying believe the same. Do they see your good intentions translating into active support in your legal workplace? Would they want you to become a better ally through your words and deeds? If so, how?

    That's where LAUNCH for Lawyers Allyship @ Work enters. I'll share what it means to be an ally in today's legal workplace. I'll show you how to recognize your privileges and understand the power you have as an attorney to change systems for good. I'll cover the five rules needed to use that privilege and power. Finally, we'll end with real-life scenarios and an analysis framework to use to address systemic inequity in our profession.

    This is the work of allyship. 
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    Take a sneak peak at one of my lessons

    What I cover in
    LAUNCH for Lawyers Allyship @ Work

    Why Good Intentions Aren't Enough

    Good intentions are where you start but not where you end.

    How Marginalized Lawyers Experience Inequity

    What does it feel like to be the first and the only in your legal workplace? What systems prevent you from success?

    Privilege + Power = Allyship

    What does privilege mean? How do you know what privileges you have? What does power mean? How can you find and use it?

    Five Rules to Being a Better Lawyer Ally

    How to apologize? How to amplify? When to show up?  Let's cover five rules of allyship for lawyers.

    Five Allyship  Scenarios at Work

    Did your fellow attorney make a racist statement? Did you make a new associate feel uncomfortable at work? Do you disagree with your legal team on equity solutions? Let's dive into the real work of allyship.

    How to Change Our Legal Profession for Good

    Allyship isn't just about individuals. It's also about systems. What does it mean to change systems for good?

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