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Inclusion LAUNCH for Lawyers: Bystander Intervention @ Work

What is the difference between being a bystander and being an upstander as an attorney? How do we create respectful and inclusive legal work environments free from harassment and discrimination? Join me on a journey to transform from being a bystander to being an upstander. Let's get started.
  • 1. What is Bystander Intervention?

    (next-level allyship that everyone can do)
  • 2. Why It's Hard to Intervene

    (learn what's holding you back from intervening)
  • 3. What To Do Before You Intervene

    (start with these four steps)
  • 4. Strategies for Bystander Intervention

    (how to intervene successfully)





    What's LAUNCH for Lawyers: Upstanders @ Work All About?

    We will begin by emphasizing the importance of accountability and creating a respectful and inclusive legal work environment so that we can all perform at our fullest potential. You will dive into scenarios and formulate the best approach to intervene effectively in various legal workplace situations, building a supportive and welcoming environment where all our team members can thrive.

    As an attorney, being an upstander helps keep our workplace free from harassment, discrimination and creates respectful and inclusive work environment where we can be our authentic selves and perform at our fullest potential. In this course, I’ll guide you on the path to transform from being a bystander to an upstander and intervene effectively when you witness bias and inappropriate behavior against another person in your workplace.
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    What we cover in LAUNCH for Lawyers
    Bystander Intervention @ Work

    What is an Active Bystander?

    To intervene as a bystander is to return dignity, power, and agency to a person being harassed.

    Understanding Our Privileges

    The work of being an upstander is recognizing and understanding the privileges that you have.

    What Holds Us Back as Upstanders?

    Recognize and overcome your internal obstacles to intervention.

    How to Identity Harassing Behavior

    Witness how intervening can change a bad situation for good.

    4 Steps for Bystander Intervention

    This four-step sequence empowers you to take real action to stop harassing behavior.

    4 Strategies for Bystander Intervention

    Learn and understand strategies to apply to real world scenarios in your legal workplace.

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