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Generation RISE: How Law Students Can Successfully Communicate Across Differences

How can law students better communicate across identity differences? In this course, law students will focus on how to lead culturally competent conversations and interactions at law school and in the legal workplace as well as resolve any conflicts that arise around them. Let's get started.
  • 1. What Inclusion Means at Law School

    (understanding identities and groups)
  • 2. How Conflict Can Lead to Change

    (learn how to navigate discomfort)
  • 3. 5 Steps for Communicating Across Differences

    (scenarios for navigating difficult conversations)
  • 4. Building Inclusion that

    (having the courage to effect real change)




    What's LAUNCH for Law Students: Generation RISE about?

    How do you use the tools of interrupting bias and cross-cultural competency to build better teams, improve communication with clients, and effectively deliver on the promise of justice for all? In this interactive 60-minute course, law students will learn about cultural competency and how to navigate multiple identities.

    Why is it difficult to successfully communicate across differences? What biases and discomforts do we have? And why is conflict not always a bad word?

    Students will learn five steps for effective cross-cultural communication and reflect on how to put those rules into place in interactions with law schol peers, workplace colleagues, and attorney supervisors. Students will then dive into law school and legal workplace scenarios where cross-cultural conflict can arise and learn how to be an upstander in every situation.

    This is the work of inclusion and it's time to get to work.
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    Take a sneak peak at the course.

    What we cover in Generation RISE

    Understanding Cultural Competency

    By default we form groups that are similar to us. Choosing diversity and creating groups through differences is our challenge.

    Multiple Identities of Diversiy

    What are your different identities? Let's discuss identities such as age, race, ability status, religion, veteran status, culture, gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

    Why Conflict Leads to Change

    How do we manage conflict? Why is conflict needed to enable growth and create a community that thrives together?

    Five Steps for Communicating Across Differences

    Understanding discomfort, centering the conversation on the marginalized person, listening with your whole self - learn the skills to successfully navigate conversations across differences.

    Real Life
    Scenarios for Law Students

    How do we apologize and amend? How do we reframe our statements? How do we resolve conflict? Let's dive into real world situations faced by law students.

    How Law Students 
    Build Inclusion
    That Lasts

    Building equity and inclusion takes courage and hard work. Let's do that work together.

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