Diversity and Inclusion e-Learning

Generation LEAD:
How Law Students Can Interrupt Bias and Lead with Inclusion

Why should diversity, equity, and inclusion matter to you as a law student? How can you interrupt bias and be a leader who transforms our legal profession for good? That's what we'll cover in Generation LEAD.
  • 1. Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Matter at Law School

    (let's start your journey of inclusive leadership)
  • 2. How Bias Affects Inclusion, Belonging, and Success

    (bias and microaggressions at law school)
  • 3. 10 Rules to Interrupt Bias and Build Inclusion

    (change systems, change the world)
  • 4. What's Your Why for DEI?

    (why does this work matter to you?)




    What's LAUNCH for Law Students: Generation LEAD about?

    Diversity, equity, and inclusion are necessary for success in the legal workplace. Understanding those concepts must start in law school. But understanding is only the beginning. The moment is here to take our transformed workplace and create a new paradigm for equity and justice. Are you ready to lead real change as a law student and future lawyer? 

    In this course, I'll discuss leadership and what it means to be a law student leader. I'll then explain the differences between diversity, inclusion, and equity, and the demographic data in legal workplaces that demonstrate the hurdles to change.

    Next, I'll help you understand how unconscious bias and its attendant challenges - microaggressions, stereotypes, and the idea that we don't see race or color - play in interrupting our journey to inclusion. 

    I'll then share ten rules you can follow to interrupt bias and make equity and inclusion a reality for everyone.

    Finally, I'll explain how every law student and future attorney can design spaces of authenticity and belonging, where everyone is welcome to rise, thrive, and succeed. 
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    What we cover in
    Generation LEAD

    Why Diversity Matters for You

    Understand the business case and the people case for diversity, equity, and inclusion, and why they should matter to you as a law student and a future leader of our profession.

    Equity v. Equality

    We can't achieve inclusion without equity, but what does it mean and how does it differ from equality?

    What is Unconscious Bias?

    How does your brain process the millions of bits of data coming at you every second? Let's talk shortcut thinking.

    Stereotypes, Microaggressions, and Race

    Bias isn't the whole story. Learn how exclusion occurs again and again at law school - and why.

    Ten Rules to Interrupt Bias and Lead Inclusion

    Respect, empathy, evidence building, perspective shifting - learn the rules to interrupt bias and become an inclusive law student leader. 

    What's Your Why for DEI?

    Put it all together and make a better case for diversity, equity, and inclusion - yours.

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    We've had years of DEI facilitation and instructional design experience to build the right kind of inclusive learning environment for you to succeed. Here's what every LAUNCH course includes:
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